Françoise Léon, Ph

Psychologist specialized in eating disorders in children, adolescents and adults



Rendez-vous consultation agenda
FOR INFORMATION, MY PRACTICE WILL DEFINITELY CLOSE ON ThurSDAY jULY 1st, 2021. I do not take any new patients...
In order to get the coordinates of psychologists working on eating behaviour, you can refer to the tab "links" on this website.


Individual psychological support is offered to people who would like to change their eating habits and to improve their everyday life.


From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00.

Duration of the consultation

Consultations last from 45 to 60 minutes.


My fees are between 60 € and 80 € for therapeutic follow-up.

For consulting, my fees are 120 €.

Payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque, credit card is not accepted.

A part or occasionally the total cost of psychological consultations can be refunded by some health insurances. In this case an invoice will be provided on request. Psychological consultations are not refunded by the French Social Security. Appointments not cancelled 48 hours in advance will be billed.

Psychotherapy by phone

Psychotherapy by phone begins most of the time by a face-to-face consultation. Phone or video (WhatsApp or Skype) can be used when coming to the office is not possible. Duration and price of consultations are identical to those applied in the office.

Children and adolescents psychotherapy

Psychotherapy for children and adolescents with weight problems are organized in the presence of at least one of the parents for the first session, in which modalities will be discussed.

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