Françoise Léon, Ph

Tasting, Consulting and Supervision, specialized in taste, eating disorders in children, adolescents and adults


Regulation of food intake

Thé madeleines argenterieThe regulation of food intake allows a balance between what is eaten and the nutritional needs of the body to be achieved. It implies recognition of eating sensations: hunger, satiation and satiety.

When the regulation of food intake is good, weight should remain stable. An emotional imbalance, however, can increase food intake, resulting in weight gain. In order to maintain the balance between absorbed energy and released energy, we can on the one hand, modulate eating behaviour that is linked to eating sensations and to emotions, and we can, on the other hand, increase physical activity.

One of the means of improving the regulation of food intake is to awaken our five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and sometimes hearing). This allows us become aware of the characteristics of the food that is being tasted. This approach can result in people eating foods more slowly, allowing them to perceive the signs of satiation.