Françoise Léon, Ph

Psychologist specialized in eating disorders in children, adolescents and adults


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FOR INFORMATION, MY PRACTICE WILL DEFINITELY CLOSE ON ThurSDAY jULY 1st, 2021. I do not take any new patients...
In order to get the coordinates of psychologists working on eating behaviour, you can refer to the tab "links" on this website.

This website is aimed at people who are overweight and unhappy about it; it is also intended for those who would like to modify their eating behaviour.

Psychological support often helps to solve complex situations that you might benefit from. Counselling can be provided to meet your personal needs focused around practical questions specifically adapted to your individual needs.

My practice is located in Paris at 42, rue du Fer à Moulin, in the 5th on the edge of the 13th.

Psychological consultations are by appointment only.

I am a psychologist and hold a PhD in Cognitive Sciences. My clinical focus provides you an opportunity to express your personal needs. I listen, offer support and provide tools adapted to the difficulties you may experience in life. In my practice, I believe that the perception of eating sensations is crucial and that these can be disturbed by restrictive diets. Depending on the type of psychological monitoring, regular exchanges can occur with your doctor(s) (GP/MD, paediatrician, psychiatrist…) dieticians, psychomotor therapist or other health professionals who are also treating you.

Weight problems may be linked to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anxiety or depression. Being overweight can be associated to a low level of self-esteem, of self-confidence or of assertiveness. I work with people across the life span including young children, teenagers and adults.

In my practice, parental participation is required for children and teenagers during at least the first session when the modalities of the following sessions will be discussed. I believe that parental participation is invaluable and is an integral component of the psychotherapy.

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